To Bee or Not to Bee?

I have again received two questions! The first: Why is the Bee Movie so awesome? I must confess that I’ve never seen the Bee Movie…but after a little research for this article I’ve decided that it’s moved up to my must see movie list. I also have a few ideas about why it might be … Continue reading To Bee or Not to Bee?

Ask The Pastor, Again

Last month I promised to answer the other question that has made its way into the “Ask the Pastor” box: Why do you want to be a pastor? What a question! How long have you got? How much space am I allowed? The answer is both complex and at the same time very simple. I … Continue reading Ask The Pastor, Again

Ask the Pastor!

One of the most stress inducing factors in times of change is lack of adequate communication. Lack of information, unanswered questions, the appearance of an “in the know” crowd who holds the “secrets” will all serve to increase anxiety, even among those who are gung-ho for change. For those who are uneasy, lack of transparency … Continue reading Ask the Pastor!