The End Begins

While we have been busy wrapping up all the many loose ends, it now seems that the end of our time in Mabank has truly begun. Yes, the ‘Pastor Family Ritual’ entitled ‘Packing of the Boxes’ has begun!

All the paperwork has been submitted to underwriting requesting a loan for the purchase of what we hope to make our new home. Though it never seems to end. They’ve found another document that they want…and I’ll get it this weekend and send it off to them. Hopefully, that will finally be the end of paperwork until closing. So far, we’re still scheduled for May 24th. All the utilities (except for water) and cable/internet have been arranged. This weekend we are planning to look at refrigerators and washer/dryers.

Andy, Naomi and Anna have begun to count down the days until school is out for the summer. The girls will have enough time to pack their rooms after finals are over. They are real ‘preacher kids’ having both packed and unpacked their own rooms in the last move when they were 9 & 11. This time at 12 and 14, they will likely help with packing family books and the like as well.

Andy’s job hunt continues with another interview this afternoon. We continue to pray for the right job and to keep our fingers crossed (just to cover all bases 😇) on that front. I’ll be getting letters from teachers on both girls to hopefully avoid a few of the school transition issues they experienced three years ago…took a year to get them in all the right classes. By the way, does anyone know if Mesquite ISD requires uniforms and if so…what grades and which uniforms????  We’ll also be looking for violin and piano teachers. Whew! Just thinking about it all makes me glad that dinner tonight will be leftovers.

As I prepare to go home for the day to pack a box, I leave you with this: I hope that your picture is in the church directory because I have added you by name to my morning prayers. I am praying for Reid and Rock as they prepare for retirement and for the pastor who will take my place in Mabank. I ask for all of New Covenant to keep Pastor Reid and Rock in your prayers while adding Pastor Dana, Andy, Naomi and Anna to your list.

Until next week, may you see God working around you each day,
Pastor Dana

2 thoughts on “The End Begins

  1. Hi Pastor Dana. I just learned of your blog and thought I would address the important question. Yes, Mesquite middle and HS require standard dress. Polos and khakis. I'll see if I can find a link to a website with all the specifics.


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