Getting Excited!

What an exciting week this has been! We have now purchased and scheduled for delivery a refrigerator, washer and dryer. Closing on the house is still set for May 24…less than a week away. I think that I’ve finally submitted everything that the mortgage company wants. The girls are ready to finish school, get moved, get unpacked and settle in at the neighborhood pool.

There is some sadness too. Tomorrow I will officiate what I hope will be my last funeral in Mabank. The red hat that I’m wearing above has become my funeral sermon writing hat. I call it channeling my Mickie. She was a precious saint who loved her hats…and had one to go with every outfit. I was blessed to be one of the Spiritual Directors on her Emmaus walk shortly before she passed away. Days before she went on Hospice, Mickie told me that she wanted me to have her red hat to go with my red shirt. At the reception following her memorial service, her family took the red hat from the display of all Mickie’s hats and gifted it to me. So now, when I write funeral sermons, I channel my Mickie.

The joy I found in my time with Mickie is just one of the many memories that I carry with me. You have cherished memories with Pastor Reid that are to be celebrated. You will likely be saddened by her leaving. I hope you will continue to cherish those memories and celebrate your time in ministry together. Soon you and I (along with the whole Norton crew) will begin to make memories together. I am eagerly looking forward to getting started!

I continue to use the church directory as I pray for each of you and trust you to continue praying for Pastor Reid and Rock along with Pastor Dana (that’s me!), Andy, Naomi and Anna. We’re going to share a wonderful life in ministry together!

Pastor Dana

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