Time for Conference

It is finally complete! We are once again homeowners. Our new home is located in Mesquite and we are looking forward to having time getting to know all of you from New Covenant UMC. It didn’t really take that long. From my first contact with our realtor until closing was only about six weeks. We continue making slow but daily progress in packing. And with moving scheduled for June 14, I can see that we will actually make it. There is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.

This morning we were blessed to spend the morning with some of the friends we have made in Mabank, listening to their words of appreciation and offering our words of thanks to them as well. Then we set everything else aside and just enjoyed one another’s company. It was a time for laughter and hugs as we continue saying goodbye. Goodbye is so important to the hello that follows. I trust you are making the most of your time with Pastor Reid and Rock as well.

Andy continues interviewing…it is a laborious process. He’s a social studies teacher with a Master degree in history and completing his Master degree in government. He has signed up to teach three classes at Richland. He is about all things ‘social’, ‘history’ and ‘government’ right down to his extensive collection of newspapers covering major world events. Some of them are framed and hang in his classroom.. He has promised to narrow down his collection through the move, but we shall see. I collect nativity scenes. He collects newspapers. Since I would have a fit if he tried to get rid of any of my treasures, I respect his love of those newspapers. I did say he was about all things related to social studies. Last week he carted the girls with him to see (and touch…oh my!) a concrete post (he says its granite) that sticks out of the ground marking the border between the Republic of Texas and the United States. It was a 2 1/2 hour trip each way and it took about ten minutes to touch the post and take pictures. The girls were thrilled (not). But it made him happy and we all love him. So we stop to read historical markers on vacation and smile patiently (most of the time) as he reads them aloud to us.

Naomi is eagerly looking forward to moving to Mesquite and easier access to all things cultural. She loves classical music and playing her violin. She hopes to continue in a school choral program. This last year she was in the varsity choir and would have been getting her choral letter jacket this fall if we were staying in Mabank. She draws beautifully and has begun experimenting with watercolor. She’s 14 years old and starting the 10th grade in the fall. Yes, if you do the math that doesn’t perfectly compute, but she will turn 15 after starting her sophomore year of high school. In September I imagine driving lessons will begin with her birthday. She’s also very studious and has been at the top of her class. Though she doesn’t admit to it, I think she may be just a bit concerned about going to a high school with the population of the Cedar Creek area where she has lived for the last three years. But she is very adaptable and will settle in quickly…academics are home ground for her.

Not to be outdone, Anna points out to her sister that her Middle School is as large as Naomi’s high school was this last year. Anna is also quite the artist and likes to experiment with different mediums. She too loves music and has had lessons in both piano and guitar. Since she seems to be gravitating to the piano these days, she will likely take lessons again once we are settled. She was also in pre-athletics this last year. Being very active (wish I had a small bit of her energy), she hopes to go into athletics in school this year and discover which sports are her favorites. She is 12 years old and going into the 7th grade. If I dare to ask the girls for dinner suggestions, Anna always pipes up with “noodles”….any kind of noodles take her to a happy place. With her sister, Anna is also looking forward to spending time at the pool this summer. Wish I tanned as well as they do!

As for me, my office is nearly packed. I will preach tomorrow and the Sunday after returning from Annual Conference. I just have a few loose ends to tie up before I turn off the lights in my office for the last time. And very soon, it will be time to turn the lights on for the first time at New Covenant. See you soon!

Pastor Dana

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