Time to Move!

The packing is almost done! I have a few more things in the master bedroom and bath to pack before it is declared DONE! Our goodbyes have been said. All the people in our house are tired…the animals are anxious and out of sorts. The dog watches intently and tries to stay as close to us as possible. The cats have been bouncing off the walls, furniture, boxes, etc. They have finally worn themselves out and are settling down for the night on top of boxes. And tomorrow the chaos escalates when the movers arrive. We will spend tomorrow night at my mom’s house and meet the moving van Friday morning. I’ll also be dropping off boxes at the church. Many thanks to Pastor Reid for making this possible so that we don’t have to move those boxes twice!

And then we begin to unpack. I am so proud of our girls in this move. They have not only packed their own rooms and bathroom but have voluntarily helped with the rest of the house packing. They have unquestionably worked as hard as Andy and me. I imagine that they will work just as hard on the other end of the move.

In anticipation, I have begun to dream of our time together. You now consume much of my prayer time each morning. As I look at your pictures in the directory, I wonder about your lives…your hopes and dreams, your pain and fears. I am looking forward to meet each of you and hearing your stories. Soon we will begin to see the light dawning of the path we will walk together. Spiritual disciplines are the foundation of my own faith and spiritual life. I’m looking forward to sharing in all that it means to be people of faith with New Covenant.

That’s it for tonight. I’m going offline by morning and won’t have internet service again until sometime Tuesday. See ya’ll soon!

Pastor Dana

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