Not As Bad As It Looks!

The moving van unloaded all of our stuff (no one needs this much stuff!) one week ago today. We have been working hard at unpacking and getting settled and I can now proclaim the kitchen and master bath officially unpacked! I have also unpacked all of my clothes so I can successfully dress myself each day. Dressing myself and the ability to cook our meals are major needs. We have loved exploring the local restaurants, but eating out every meal does add up pretty fast! We’ve made a lot of headway in other areas of the house, but none can yet be declared complete. Before this move, each girl did homework at the dining room table. So we have purchased desks and chairs which Andy is busy putting together. And while I feel very good about the progress we have made, we still have a ways to go. I have set a goal of having both cars in the garage by September 1st. Some have laughed at me (see picture of garage). Maybe it is as bad as it looks!

I have now picked up church keys (thanks go out to John Barham for meeting me for the movers to unload church stuff so I didn’t have to move twice) and seen the incredible job of preparing my office with new paint and carpet. Many thanks to Doug Crownover. It looks fantastic! Naomi and Anna were with me and as I beheld the gifts of welcome left for me by Pastor Reid, Anna asked, “Are you about to cry?!?” Well, yes, young one, I was about to cry. I can’t express how delighted I am to be following Pastor Reid or how welcoming she has been to me. The bible and stole….well, I’m about to start crying all over again. It’s a ‘preacher-thing’.

Sunday I will be meeting with a few folks to set the format for worship firmly in my head so that I will know my parts on July 1st. I’ll probably still drop the ball a few times, so please be patient with me. I will also giving them the scripture and sermon title for our first week together. I typically like to be organized a month or two in advance for worship/sermon planning. For example, this is when I would usually be planning for Advent/Christmas which is when I plan for Lent. However, in transition I will be a bit slower as I learn about all of you and the needs of our church. So we will bear with one another and be gentle as we grow to love one another not just because we are commanded by Christ to love one another but also in appreciation for the gifts and humanity of each.

It won’t be long now!

Pastor Dana

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