Full House

Can you hear the silence? I’m way overdo on a blog in the midst of all the fun craziness that has been life over the last few weeks. We’ve now had two Sundays together. We’ve shared meals with a number of you and I have great hope for my September 1 goal of having both cars in the garage. Why I’ve even found a few things in there! Miracles do still happen. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The current state of our garage is proof. It’s still awful…but I found something in there!!!

Expect for robes/stoles and the things that I’ll put on the walls, my office is now unpacked. Another miracle! I’m looking for a couple of ladies (or men) who know how to decorate to help me hang those things because this is not one of my greatest talents. It is true that if you see something in my house and think that the placement is just perfect…my spouse or one of the kids did it. Still, my church computer is on and I can find a book when I’m looking for it. I am actually able to work!

I’ve also now been to our first Listening Session and was blessed by those who attended. I greatly appreciate your openness and willingness to share not only New Covenant but a piece of yourselves with me.

Back to that precious silence….we have had a full house the last few days. Anna had a friend over for three days and two of Naomi’s friends were here last night. As you can see from the picture above, my oldest absolutely hates it when anyone takes her picture to put into any sort of internet thing. So I very rarely do it…but how could I have a picture of five, yes, I said five, kids if one of them wasn’t in the picture? We have eaten lots of healthy food with a household full of kids…hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs. Well at least everything was cooked at home. Tonight we will return to a healthier life.

In the meantime, my incredible and newly employed (Agnew Middle School’s newest 7th grade science teacher) spouse has taken on kid duty with five of them in the car. He is truly adding feathers to his angel wings and jewels to his crown. He has made a space for me of needed silence to listen for God as I prepare for our time together on Sunday. And I am grateful. So back I go…into the silence……

Pastor Dana

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