Room for One More

Yes, it’s a crazy, ever changing life that we lead in the Norton household. After we lost Rosie (our 19 year old dog), Andy started suggesting that we adopt a dachshund. Since I had a doxie growing up, I’m guessing that he thought this would be a sure thing…and it appears that he was right. First I looked into dogs from breeders and nearly had heart failure. All of our other pets have been rescue animals, so I started looking at rescue sites three or four times a week (some weeks daily…so yes, he had me). All I found were a mom and puppy who had to be adopted together. We might have been willing, but no one was going to just give us one of them. So I kept looking, day after day. Ok, the truth…sometimes twice a day…or thrice…fine…let’s just face it…nearly every time that I got on the internet.

Then last weekend, out of nowhere, three were available from two different rescue sites. I inquired and applied for the lone puppy but was informed that it could we as much as two weeks before we heard back and no promises. The second site had an address and phone number. Both puppies (brothers) were still available. We hopped in the car and rushed to Ft. Worth. As I continued to stress ONE puppy, the girls continued to remind me that one kitten was actually two. We walked in the door and asked to see the two doxie puppies. One had just been adopted and walked out the door. Only one was left. Whew. No way we were leaving with two.

The sweet baby you see above is the newest member of the Norton household. The Ft. Worth rescue group is one that pulls dogs and puppies that are on a shelter kill list with health issues. This baby’s health issue…severely underweight, likely starving, and possible tummy issues from lack of food. He’s not the first one like this that Andy and/or I have rescued and had for many, many years. And besides, the girls and dog were already in love with one another.

His name? Mozart! It fits with Antonio and Amonte (the two cats). The girls were much younger when naming Flower (seen here) who has been incredibly patient in raising two kittens and now a puppy. Mozart had his one-week post-adoption vet follow-up this morning and was given a clean bill of heath. Though he has plenty of weight to gain, he’s put some on this week (over a pound) and no longer gorges down as much as is in front of him.

Flower joins the rest of the family in puppy training. The girls are doing a great job of continuing to give all our critters lots of attention. We do need to work on the barking at Antonio and Amonte. They don’t like it, not even a little bit. But Mozart thinks it’s great fun to chase them.Flower is generally gentle with Mozart’s attempts to assert himself as the dominate dog, though he can stretch her patience. Most of the time, they play and run together. We do need to get two of everything now because Mozart wants it all and Flower (so far) let’s him be a baby.

Yes, life is hectic, even crazy. But God is good all the time. Our home is filled with joyful laughter. We have much for which to be thankful…including how welcoming and inviting we have found the good people of New Covenant. See you Sunday.

Pastor Dana

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