Time for Back-to-School!

Yes, it is that time again…our first at New Covenant UMC in Sunnyvale and in Mesquite I.S.D. for children and husband. So much happens at this time of year! It is almost like spring with all of the new starts. Many are returning from vacations. Some will return to church after a summer break. As school starts, so do new bible studies. You already know all about the Disciple study that we will have on Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings. In my household we are wrapping up the final paperwork for transferring of school districts. Just a couple more pieces of paper to dig out and I’ll be finished. School clothes have been purchased amidst the grumbling about uniforms (standard dress) while such cute clothes are left hanging on racks at the store. Shoes and belts (do we really have to wear belts?) are on the agenda for this weekend. And I’m pretty sure that all the school supplies have been purchased. But then again, I say that every year and every year we are hit again at open house or meet the teacher and during the first week of school. Still, I have great hope that we are almost settled in…and even assurance that it will happen. Eventually, we always get there.

School starts next week for students in Sunnyvale, Mesquite and Garland, covering most of our kids. So this Sunday we will ‘bless the backpacks’ during Sacred Circle by offering a blessing over students, teachers and administrators as they prepare to face one another on the assorted school campuses. I’ve even got a couple of little gifts for each of them…so be sure to be here on Sunday to get yours.

The children of our church and our community are our future. It goes without saying. Still, we need these moments in time to honor all that they mean to us. The bible tells us to “honor your father and mother” which really means to respect them. We also need to honor/respect our children. Just as we learn to love because we are first loved (certainly by God & hopefully by those entrusted with our care), we also learn to honor/respect others by being honor/respected. Children learn to treat others as they are treated. Our children and youth are precious gifts from God…and Sunday we will honor them and their teachers as a reminder of just how important they are…each a blessing.

You, too, are a blessing…see you in church,
Pastor Dana

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