People, Get Ready!

Flower and Mozart have worn themselves out playing tug-of-war with poor Lamp Chop. Flower has claimed the body and Mozart has the head. But they won’t stay this way for long. In a short while they will be back at it. I don’t think that they want the toy nearly as much as they want to play together. Well, Mozart want to play. Flower became more interested in just playing after Lamp Chop lost her head.

I  though things had settled into a peaceful routine a few days ago. Mozart had stopped chasing the cats. With the help of the girls, each cat had some one-on-one licking time with both dogs. Both cats have finally started to purr again. It’s such a relaxing sound…so much better than the growl they served up for a mischievous puppy. Yes, cats can growl. Well, maybe it’s just our cats who were raised by a dog.

Now we have a puppy who is being raised by a dog and two cats. So he’s developing cat behaviors. Now he not only jumps to the couch or a chair. They are just ways to access higher places, like tables and a cat tower. So now the cats go even higher. That little stinker has found a way to access my closed closet. If he finds a way to the top of the refrigerator, I guess he will be in charge. I’ve tried to tell him that chairs are as high as dogs go. I really have, but he doesn’t seem to listen very well.

You and I need down time, if a quiet rest before jumping back in like the dogs or by getting away like the cats, we all need down time. We need time to rest and rejuvenate. We need time for silence and prayer. W need time for stillness and peace. It prepares us for the work ahead. It provides a space for us to open ourselves to God, to hear and see the next step or two in God’s plan for us. It allows us to hear God calling.

As long as there have been churches people have said that it will slow down as soon as we get through this season…the summer…the start of school and new bible studies…through Advent or Christmas…through Lent or Easter…through Confirmation Class…the list goes on. As United Methodist, we add…through Charge Conference…through year end reports and close out day. And it never seems to stop.

We have very exciting days before us. Pumpkin Patch is just around the corner. I’m getting excited for all of the additional events that are part of October: Chili Cook Off (I’m submitting an entry), two different pet adoption events, a blessing of the animals, preschool field trips to the Pumpkin Patch with all the games, crafts, songs, and more. Yarn Birds are working on a variety of crafts to sell. I’ve already go my eye on a few items. It will be a lot of hard work, but what an opportunity! This is our time to witness to the love of Christ in our lives in how we treat one another and our neighbors. And as special as that witness is, our witness in those moments of stress are the most important. People who continue to treat one another with love and respect, people who are just kind, are people others want to join.

Even in the midst of Pumpkin Patch and all the fun, the routine and administrative life of the church goes on. The Nominating Committee is scheduled to meet on September 24. That’s just around the corner. As the Body of Christ, we all bring unique gifts to make the church whole. We are all called to serve. This year I’m asking all church members to give prayerful consideration to God’s calling on your life to serve our church. The mandated Committees of our church (SPRC, Trustees, Finance and Church Council)  are considered by some to be the least exciting work of the church. Yet we promise to serve our church through our prayers, our presences, our gifts, our service, and our witness…not to just choice one or two, but all of it. We all share in the responsibility for our church through these committees.
I ask you to pray for how God wants you to serve in both the ministries and responsibilities of our church. And then, complete the form that you will find when you come into church on Sunday volunteering to serve. Information about the positions that need to be filled will be available on Sunday morning for your review. These are big jobs. And yet, they are designed so that any of us can serve. It takes desire and calling to do the job well, but we are all gifted. The Nominating Committee (another required group) will be making calls soon…will you open your heart to hear God’s call before the phone rings?

There is a time to rest and a time to work. Take time to rest and rejuvenate, for silence and prayer; for stillness and peace. Listen for God calling you to the next few steps in the journey planned for you. And when it seems really busy…enjoy the ride.

Pastor Dana

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