Preparing for Easter


Beginning on Maundy Thursday through Easter are typically some of the busiest days in the life of the church. Each year we strive to provide experiences that will connect our congregation and guests to Go in a meaningful way. This year is no exception. We worshiped together on Maundy Thursday night via live stream and will do so again tonight. After our service tonight, I will not see you again until Easter morning. We will be entering the tomb. It is a time for reflection and preparing our hearts, minds, and spirits to be open to experiencing the impossible. Our ‘In the Tomb Prayer Chain’ will begin and run through 6 a.m. on Easter morning.

While we are apart, I hope you will prepare the juice or water and bread that you will use for Holy Communion with the same intentionality and reverence that you used for Maundy Thursday. I loved seeing pictures of your ‘dishes’ and elements and hope more of you will post as well.

I also ask you to prepare a cross for Easter Sunday worship. Gather branches or twigs from your yard or on a walk. I will be using the branches from Palm Sunday worship that have been hanging on my front door. Tie them together with floral wire, twine, string, yarn, or ribbon to form a cross. This will be the cross you will ‘flower’ on Easter Sunday during part of our worship together. Either pick a few flowers from your yard early Easter morning or make paper flowers. Or you might just have some tissue paper ready to make during the service…kids…hint, hint, hint.

I also recommend that you consider those with whom you live, or if you live alone, the one you want to see first when this time of isolation is over. Write on 3 slips of paper (3 for each person) (1) what you love about them, (2) how you show love to each other, and (3) what they do well. If you have plastic eggs, put one in each egg and create a basket or bowl for each person to open and read on Easter morning.

I want to give credit for the last two ideas to Marcia McFee and her crew at Worship Design Studio. They have put out some fabulous ideas to help us all through the challenges of our unique worship in this season.

After worship tonight, I will ‘unplug’ until Easter morning. I know that all of you have noticed and greatly appreciate the work of Barbara Reed in this season. She has taken on far more duties than anyone every considered when preparing her job description. I am asking you to direct all questions or concerns to me next week. It is important that we give Barbara a chance to breathe and have her own holy time. So let’s all muddle along and give her a break next week. She and I both thank you!

Peace be with you,

Pastor Dana

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