The World of Zoom


New Covenant Family and Friends,

We have now fully entered into the world of Zoom! What, you may ask is Zoom…It’s a way for us to meet together in a group where we can see and hear one another by computer, phone, or tablet. Pretty cool, huh. We are now back on track for our monthly meetings which are scheduled using Zoom so that we can meet, each of us from home. And we are about to begin two bible studies through the world of Zoom. We can’t just sit all day twiddling our thumbs…mighty as well get together and have some Bible fun! Details are provided below, but first…here’s the news for Sunday!

Beginning this Sunday, I’m inviting you to not only join us for our live streamed worship service at 9 a.m., but to gather at table with something to eat…breakfast, brunch, whatever is your fancy. We will include an Agape Feast (or Love Feast) as a part of our service until we are able to come back together again for Holy Communion. Your feast doesn’t need to be fancy, just something to eat and drink. I plan to make a casserole and have a cup of coffee this week. I’d love to see your pictures posted on Facebook of your feast as we gather together. While we won’t share Holy Communion again until we are together, the Agape Feast is a part of our Wesleyan heritage and a way for us to break bread together and remember that even though we are apart, we are still a loving community.

Additionally, I ask that each person has a small rock or stone for worship this week…small enough to fit in a pocket. I plan to pick up a garden stone to use. We will share in an activity together using our rocks as part of our worship as well.

Now for the bible studies!! Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. will be for women only. We will look at the women of the bible from a womanist/feminist perspective and talk about how their stories are our stories, claiming our place in the biblical narrative that is too often overlooked. All you need is your bible and an open mind to explore possibilities that you may have never considered. The link for this Zoom study is: You just click on the link and wait for me to bring you into our classroom.

Thursday nights at 7 p.m. will be open to all as we explore the Gospel of Mark and how it speaks to us in our own time. Mark is the earliest of the four recognized “gospels” in our bible making it a great place to start. But Mark was also addressing a people whose lives had been turned upside down. They had lost their place for worship and were struggling to answer, “now what?” Mark just might have something to say to us as well. Just bring your bible. The link for this Zoom study is: Again, just click on the link and wait for me to bring you into our classroom.

Both of these links will work for the duration of the studies (or until I send you another link). If you lose it, just go to the church calendar (on our website) to find the links attached to each class on the calendar.

I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing your faces again!


Pastor Dana

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