**IMPORTANT Notice!!

Brothers, Sisters, Siblings in Christ,

The times we live in are ever changing. Just when we think we’re headed in one direction, something changes and we’re going in a completely different direction. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are nothing if not flexible, grace-filled and loving. You’re church leadership acknowledges that none of us knows the future and prays that you are secure in the knowledge that we are making the best decisions that we know how to make with the information available to us. Enough beating around the bush.

As you are likely aware, a couple of days ago Dallas County was moved back to level red in relation to COVID-19. We had planned to begin returning slowly to in person worship this Sunday. Our plans have changed. I confess that this was easier when Bishop McKee simply told us we couldn’t meet for in person worship…don’t like it, blame him. The decision to postpone in person worship is not one that is taken lightly. And while your Leadership Team regrets the need for this decision, it is out of our great love for you that we have made a difficult choice. We will do no harm.

We will continue our livestreamed worship services while working hard to be ready to make a transition to the new platform when the time comes. Perhaps this additional time will allow that transition to flow more smoothly. We will continue to work toward a virtual choir experience. We will begin investigating a sound system for outside use to make it possible for us to have some outside experiences with one another.

The Leadership Team also decided that if there is anyone who wants to pick up the idea for Drive Thru Trunk-or-Treat and make it happen with appropriate social distancing, we will support your efforts. Call me if you want to take this on so we don’t have two or three people working at cross-purposes.

Your Leadership Team will meet again on November 11th to discuss next steps forward and I will let you know the outcome of that meeting on November 11th or 12th. If you need to express frustration, I’m just a phone call away and won’t take it personally. If you would rather visit with a member of the Leadership Team, their names are: Doug Crownover, Marcia Matus, Linda Easton, Dale Wolfe, Mark Mester, and Karen Crownover. We are all in this together. We love and miss you as much as you love and miss each other. Let us hear from you and stay connected!


Pastor Dana

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